Summer 2024 information:

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Camp Dates: June 17–August 16, 2024

Pricing: $625/week (includes care from 8 a.m.–5 p.m.)
J Los Angeles member discount: $50 off weekly pricing

Financial aid is available through the application process.

Give your children an amazing experience with JCamp. Our day camp is designed to create a safe, fun, and engaging environment for your children to explore and grow. With a variety of activities, including outdoor play, arts & crafts, and sports, your children will have a summer to remember.


For questions or more information about JCamp, please contact Director of Camp and Family Programs, Edana Appel, at eappel@thejla.org or by phone at 323-556-5205.

Coming this summer - JCamp West

We're excited to announce a second site for JCamp located in Santa Monica! 

Camp Dates: July 8–26, 2024

Grades: Rising Kindergarten–5th Grade


JCamp Values




Building meaningful relationships creates stronger individuals, lifelong friendships, and an ongoing sense of belonging.




 We take seriously the mitzvah (commandment) of increasing joy in life. We aim to bring joy to ourselves, our community, and everyone in our lives.




We construct a safe space for exploring, challenging ourselves and cultivating our talents.




Designing a space where everyone can be themselves by treating everyone with kindness and compassion.




 Learning through experience builds confidence in our abilities and teaches us that growing up is truly about discovering our highest potential.

2024 JCamp Specialty Schedule

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Field Trip Schedule


A Day In the Life at Camp

JCamp Staff

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Year-Round Team


Edana Appel

Director of Camp and Family Programs

Edana has been the Director of JCamp since Summer 2016. Her time in Jewish summer camps has taken her to six different camps all across the country. She has a Masters in Jewish Professional Leadership and an MBA in Non-Profit Management from Brandeis University and also studied there as an undergrad. Outside of the J, Edana loves to shop, craft and binge watch shows.


Dan Chomstein

Assistant Director

Dan was born and raised in Mexico City and has been a part of the JCamp family for three years. His background is in sports management and his passion is playing games with campers. He loves hiking, hanging out with his cat, and his favorite color is purple. Dan’s favorite part of JCamp is being the snack master! 


Melo Taylor

Assistant Director

Melo has worked at the J for over two years. With a variety of Jewish professional experiences in summer camps, youth groups, synagogues, Jewish Day schools, and JCCs in other parts of the country, her passion is teaching young people through art, theatre, and music. Melo graduated from Chico State with a degree in Theatre Arts. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, gardening, and shopping for shoes she doesn’t need.


AnaEl Shahaf


Shinshinim are high school graduates who are selected to participate in a Year of Service Program that offers Israeli teens the opportunity to share their enthusiastic spirit with diaspora communities. As an Israeli “ambassador”, AnaEl looks forward to sharing her love and knowledge of Israel with our J Los Angeles community. Her hobbies include sailing, dancing, drawing, and baking. She loves the beach, experiencing new things, and traveling.

Summer Staff

JCamp Staff are chosen for their commitment to building community and creating an environment where campers thrive.  Each staff member plays an important role in making camp happen from greeting campers as they arrive, tending to skinned knees, teaching new games, sharing in their joy of trying something new and finding a lost item at the end of the day.  Our staff is composed of individuals who represent a wide variety of backgrounds, talents and interests. 
Are you looking for a fun and exciting job this summer?  
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Returning this summer - JCamp Counselor-in-Training Program

Jumpstart your JCamp Counselor Career!

Dates: June 17–July 12, 2024

Grades: Rising 8th–10th Graders

  • Get volunteer hours
  • Receive first-aid training
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Give back to our community


Read up on our most frequently asked-about topics below.
tip-light%402xWhat time does JCamp start?
Edana AppelDirector of Camp and Family Programs

Drop off begins at 8am every day.  We ask that all families are in Carline by 8:50am.  Our camp day begins with Morning Circle at 9am.

tip-light%402xHow does pick-up work?
Dan ChomsteinAssistant Director

Closing Circle ends each day at 3:15 p.m., which is when Pick Up begins and continues until 5 p.m. To pick up your camper, you will send us a message on the Playground App when you are about 10 minutes away. Campers getting picked up before 4 p.m. will be picked up through Carline. If you are picking up your campers after 4 p.m. you will need to park and come into the building.

tip-light%402xWhat should I pack for my camper every day?
Melo TaylorAssistant Director

 We recommend that campers use a backpack.  Every day campers need sunscreen and lunch.  Everyday except for Wednesday campers need a swimsuit, flip-flops/pool shoes, and towel. Additionally we recommend a plastic bag for wet clothes and change of clothes.

Most importantly, please label all of your camper’s items.

tip-light%402xWhat is the best way to communicate day-to-day issues with JCamp staff?
Dan ChomsteinAssistant Director

The best way to communicate with JCamp staff is through the Playground App. In addition to informing us when you are picking up your camper, you can also share any other information like early pick up, missing items or asking for a check in on your camper. Additionally, you can email your camper’s unit head for more information about your camper.

tip-light%402xWhat does JCamp offer for snacks during the morning and aftercare?
Edana AppelDirector of Camp and Family Programs

All snacks provided by JCamp are individually packaged, kosher and peanut free. Morning snacks include pretzels, popcorn, potato chips and on Fridays chocolate chip cookies in honor of Shabbat. Afternoon snacks tend to lean to include more options like gummies, popsicles, animal crackers and more.  Campers can always eat snacks sent from home.

tip-light%402xIs JCamp nut-free?
Dan ChomsteinAssistant Director

JCamp is not a nut-free program. However, all of the snacks we serve are nut-free, kosher and individually wrapped. We can accommodate any other kinds of food allergies and have STRICT rules about not sharing food in order to keep everyone safe.

tip-light%402xWhat if my camper does not know how to swim?
Melo TaylorAssistant Director

All campers have the choice to participate in swimming each day. JCamp has exclusive use of the pool during swimming. The shallow end of our pool is 3 feet, where most campers can stand comfortably.  Additionally, campers can bring flotation devices and will have access to life jackets if needed.  

Campers who choose not to swim will have other activities during swimming.

tip-light%402xWho can I reach out to for questions about JCamp?
Dan ChomsteinAssistant Director

For questions or more information contact Edana Appel, Director of Camp & Family Programs, at eappel@thejla.org or 323-556-5205.

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